Technowax SRL

Our Company

Technowax S.r.l. was founded in 1985 by experienced founding partners in primary importance Italian companies in the commercial and technical sector of transparencies for footwear and detergents.
Initially the company was mainly oriented to foreign companies with their own brand or private label. Today the high quality of products and the ability of the company to achieve customer satisfaction allowed us to conquer new markets.

What We Do

Technowax operates in national and international market, research, formulation and manufacture of shoe polish and cleaners. We offer finished products under our own brand called “Bright” as for “private labels”. We also provide engineering assistance concerning the production of shoe polish and detergent.


Technowax caters to retail chains and wholesale shopping centers. Technowax core-business is the world market: retail chains and agents have the exclusive operating under the “Sole Agency” in the countries concerned. Furthermore we operate with foreign companies that require technical assistance and formulistica, we provide raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of shoe polish and the know-how for materials equipment.


Quality and flexibility and customer satisfaction represent our principles. In addition to semi-finished and finished products we offer a complete technical support to our customers. With this basis we guarantee the maximum rapidity in order fulfillment and on reaching all of the needs of customers. The components are of the highest quality and purchased from the European market. our products are all manufactured with natural fine waxes taking care to promote the usage of eco-friendly raw materials. Packaging are made with recyclable materials.

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Thank You,
Dr. Paolo Segala (TECHNOWAX CEO)